SNIP-AFRICA holds kick-off meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 30-31 January 2024

On 30-31 January 2024, partners in the SNIP-AFRICA project came together in Johannesburg, South Africa, for their first in-person meeting which formally kicks off project activities.

Representatives from all 12 partner institutions, alongside delegates from the Global Health EDCTP3 programme, Gates Foundation, World Health Organization (WHO), Shionogi, ADVANCE-ID, and Wits University, came together to lay the groundwork for the SNIP-AFRICA project. Over the next five years, partners will work together to address multiple questions around antibiotic management of neonatal sepsis in Africa, with the aim to find better treatments to reduce neonatal mortality in this region.

All Work Package Leads had the opportunity to present their work plan and timelines to partners, and receive feedback on possible bottlenecks and challenges ahead. Initial connections and joint work areas were identified across Work Packages to ensure synergies and streamline project activities.

A focal point of the discussions was the innovative design of the SNIP-AFRICA trial. Notably, this trial will be the first one to use the new PRACTical (Personalised RAndomised Controlled Trial) design, which offers a flexible and personalised approach, specifically developed to address challenges like the absence of a universal, effective standard of care in neonatal sepsis.

The trial will compare multiple antibiotic treatments to determine, overall, which treatment is the most effective among the available options, or how these treatments rank against each other. Moreover, the trial’s design will empower doctors to select treatment regimens tailored to the unique needs of newborns in their specific hospital settings. This adaptability has the potential to greatly improve treatment outcomes for neonatal sepsis across a range of clinical contexts.

The meeting offered an opportunity for all project partners to come together, get to know each other and agree on the key steps to kick off project activities. During the discussions, the project’s main aspects were addressed, and a strategic framework was outlined for the years to come.

Read our press release on the kick-off meeting and listen to Julia Bielicki, Scientific Coordinator, talk about SNIP-AFRICA on Channel Africa radio.

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